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Windemuller Technical Services is a full service electrical contractor. Our infrared department offers a fast, efficient, and a cost effective way to locate problems that are impossible to see with the naked eye.

Few electrical or mechanical failures occur without warning. They are proceeded by changes in operating temperature. Windemuller technical services uses infrared to locate these changing conditions.

Infrared testing will locate problem areas, “hot spots”, this will allow you to make corrections before a failure occurs. The results are downtime, avoiding emergency repairs, and saving maintenance dollars.

Our certified thermographer will work closely with you throughout the inspection process to assure that the scan objectives are met.

Windemuller Technical Services will:

-Identify your needs and objectives

-Provide a precise proposal

-Execute the scan by a certified operator

-Prepare a comprehensive color report and carefully review problem areas with you

-Generate a videotape of the entire infrared inspection for your documentation

-Make recommendations or assist you with repairs


Infrared can be used for a vast range of applications where temperature information is critical.

-Electrical Distribution

-Control Center


-Electric Motors

-Bearings and Conveyors

-Roofing Systems

-Underground Utilities/Steam

-Building Heat or Cooling Loss

-Structural Deterioration


-Process Monitoring

Lighting Preventor and Surge Protection - Double Coverage means complete safety.


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