System Design for Commercial Lightning Protection

Expertly designed lightning protection systems

Every Part of a Lightning and Surge System is Required

Every part of a protection system is necessary for it to work properly. A complete system is made up of air terminal(s), down cables, connectors, and a grounding system.

A lightning protection system connects components in a highly conductive, continuous path from the top of a building to the copper grounding rods which are buried deep into the earth. The ESE air terminal mounted on top of a structure will help protect it from a direct lightning strike. But if a lightning bolt strikes your building or a nearby power line, it can travel right into the structure through the plumbing or the electric wiring. It takes a complete system to prevent those destructive surges and possible fires that may be caused when lightning enters a structure through wires and pipes.

We provide a complete lightning and surge protection system that includes electrical surge protection devices for all incoming power, data, and communication lines along with necessary surge protection devices for vulnerable equipment.

Our Solution
A 6 Point System = Complete Protection

1. Capture the lightning strike to a preferred point via one or more lightning air terminations [lightning rod] on the building.
2. Convey the strike to ground in a safe manner via one or more down conductor systems.
3. Ground the lightning discharge through an effective grounding system.
4, Protect all power lines entering the structure from transients and surges using surge reduction filters, line conditioning equipment, uninterruptible power supplies, and other appropriate measures for the circumstances of the site.
5. Protect all incoming data and signaling lines from transients and surges with high speed protection components and the correct earthing of cable shields.
6. Eliminate Ground Loops using a carefully designed single grounding system. A low impedance earth network is essential.

It is important to implement all 6 points of a protection system. Failure to consider one of these will inevitably make equipment vulnerable to damage.

Commercial Lightning Protection Products

Tested, listed & certified protection

Field Tested ESE Air Terminals

Over one hundred thousand Preventors have been installed and field tested worldwide. Many home and business owners, facilities managers, municipalities, sports and recreations managers rely on the Preventor.

Fifty Years of Success in the Field

The Preventor 2005 protects from damage that may occur due to direct strikes of lightning and the manufacturer confidently offers a $10 million performance guarantee.

Florida Lightning Protection installs this state of the art system to manufacturer’s standards. The Preventor 2005 can protect most buildings of any height with a single system when properly installed to HBP-21 Level II Manufacture Standards.

The system is made in the US and is warranted for 100 years by the manufacturer.

Our Products are UL & ARL Tested, Listed and Certified

Our systems are made in the USA, incorporate the latest early streamer emission (ESE) technology and include product performance guarantee insurance.

UL Listed and Certified. All of the lightning conductors, air terminals and fittings we utilize are UL listed and certified.

The products we utilize for structural lightning protection are also ARL tested, listed, labeled and certified. They comply with ARL (NRTL) requirements which include pertinent sections of the Standards for Safety, ANSI/UL 96, Standard for Lightning Protection Components. (Lightning Preventor Model LPA-2005)

Applied Research Laboratories (ARL) is a full service, nationally recognized testing laboratory (NRTL). They conduct product safety testing for compliance to recognized standards – including field evaluations and performance testing for a wide variety of products. They also provide Listing, Labeling and Follow-Up Services. ARL is independent of any government or manufacturing organization. It has been engaged in safety testing for over 60 years.