Grounding & Surge

Surge Shield System for Complete Protection

Grounding in Florida Requires Specialized Skills

Our grounding process is designed to specifically address the unique geology of Florida. Of all the geophysical properties of rocks, electrical resistivity is by far the most variable. Values ranging as much as 10 orders of magnitude may be encountered, and even individual rock types can vary by several orders of magnitude. Electrical conductivity of earth materials is influenced by the metal content (sulfides) in the rock, porosity, clay content, permeability, and degree of pore saturation.

Florida structures are built on ground with significant amounts of sand. Sand/quartz is a great insulator, NOT a good grounding material. Also, the fact that sand particles are loose diminishes its conductivity. As a result, more than in other areas of the country with more conductive soils and rocks, the grounding experience and skill set of a grounding / surge protection system installer is critical. We have the equipment, expertise and experience to conduct 4 point testing which includes a detailed report of a local soil’s level of ground resistance capability.

Soil resistivity is one of the key factors that determines the resistance of a grounding system. The design of any grounding system must include an accurate measurement of a soil’s resistivity, and the best method of determining a soil’s resistivity is the four point method.

State of the Art Ground Testing

We conduct the Wenner 4 point method (4-pole ground resistance method) utilizing the AEMC Instrument – Ground Tester Model 6470-B. We are the only company in the area doing this type of testing. As part of the ground testing, we provide a Soil Resistivity Report that details the ground resistance around your building.

A Single Earthing System

Without a low resistivity grounding/earthing/bonding design, no system can offer complete protection. That is why our six point system is based on creating a single earthing system which maintains very low resistance of 10 ohms or less.

Reliable Surge Protection Devices

Surge Protection devices are an important part of the solution.

We utilize the surge protection devices from TPS when designing your surge protection. When implemented with appropriate earthing/grounding, field testing has shown that they provide the very best defense against power spikes or transient surges.

A System Shield Approach

No single surge protector can provide complete protection.  We utilize a system shield approach, which is a multi-layered plan to safeguard against both external and internal power surges. The system is designed for gradual dissipation of current and to ensure the “let thru voltage” is reduced to a safe level when it reaches your equipment.

Voltage Surge it a Constant Threat

In a fraction of a second, a voltage surge can destroy your critical equipment or even bring your entire  operation down.  You know that protection against transient voltage spikes is crucial. Specialized transient protection devices, surge arresters or surge-protective devices (SPDs) are a key item to keep your business facilities running.

Windemuller is a stocking distributor of the most popular surge devices. Whether you have an immediate need or are planning for those surge events, we can provide the most requested items to you with same day shipment, actual shipping costs (no handling added on) and the best prices.